Canadian Values Party
Finally a party you want to vote for
that cares about all Canadians
Our Motto:
No more politics
in politics

It's time to get our Canadian values back
It's time for the Canadian Values Party
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Our Mandate
Who we are
What we stand for
What makes us better
How to be heard
How you can help
Welcome to the Federal Canadian Values Party
Our goal is to do right by all Canadians by taking the politics out of politics
Every 4 years, Canadians head to the polls to cast their ballots in the hopes that the party theyíre voting for isnít as bad as the others. Most Canadians vote based on who they donít want to win. Instead of voting for a party that you know cares about you, your community, and the entire country, you end up getting a party that either sounded great when they were on the campaign trail or at least didnít sound as bad as the others.

We welcome each and every Canadian to have their say and have that heard by the people you elected, not just before the ballot, but after as well. We are not "politicians" in the true sense of the word, like all the other promise makers out there; we are Canadians that truly want to make this country a place that cares about its people and values that in the past, made this country great.

We pledge not just to you and those that will cast a vote our way, but to each and every Canadian who believes in Canadian values that we will do what is right by you and this great country.