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It's time for the Canadian Values Party
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If you want to become a volunteer or perhaps even a candidate in the next Federal election, click on the link on the bottom left “How can you help”.

If are willing to donate even $2 a month, less than 1 cup of coffee, every cent counts towards getting ready to fight in the next Election. Elections, as you may know, can be brutal. We will fight the other parties, not to be nasty but because Canada has deserved better, you have deserved better, for many-many years and it’s about time that you had proper representation for you and your family. Help us to help you and let’s make this country great once again where we can all prosper fairly.
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Even $2 (less than a cup of coffee) can make a huge difference.
That $2 donation will only cost you 50 cents.
A tax receipt will be given out at the end of each year.
Political donations credit is calculated as follows: 75% of the first $400, 50% on the next $350 and 33 1/3% of any contribution over $750, up to $1,275. This results in a maximum credit of $650
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