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Like we said under in our Mandate page: No more hypocrites in Ottawa.

Mr. Trudeau went on about how the rich don't need money for daycare. Did you know that he has 2 full time staff, paid for by your tax dollars, to help look after his children?

You may or may not be aware that every political party that has been in power, has used your tax dollars to help them win elections. No, it wasn't done directly, but it was done indirectly, just barely legal. That is beyond dishonest. After we win the next election, we will make that illegal.

Most politicians will promise you the moon in order to get elected. The Liberal Party wasn't in power less than 2 months before they started back tracking on things they were going to do. How did that 25,000 refugees before 2016 work out? Another pie in the sky promise which ended up being 10,000 registered before 2016 (so they said). We vow to not make promises just to get your votes. If we say something, it's because we mean it.

Political rules are not meant to be broken or even bent. All Federal employees in and out of uniform are supposed to stand by a code of ethics. Skirting around laws because the rule was not "clear", won't cut it under our watch. Laws are there to be followed by all and WE WILL set the example.

Give us your vote at the next election and we will show you how this country can be great again with great leadership and a strong Ethos for everyone who is living off of your tax dollars.
It's time that you are able to trust your politician again