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Canadian Values Party

Finally a party you want to vote for that cares about all Canadians

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Stating the obvious: We stand for Canadian Values. Beyond that we stand for the opportunity for every Canadian to achieve their goals.

We stand for equality of every Canadian, no matter what is in their bank account.

We stand for fiscal responsibility. No more Gov’t wastage. We are not talking about hard working Federal employees losing their jobs, but all of the wasted money that was put in by your tax dollars and is either given to the rich and powerful in one form or another or policies that encourage wasted funds.

We believe that Canada has 2 distinct languages and as a country, if you want to come to live in our country, not only must you be able to add to our country, follow and live by our values but you must be able to do it in a language that is from here. How can someone integrate as a Canadian if they never learn the language? It only leads to sections of Canada that are separate from the rest.

We stand for education for all that are willing to work for it. As an educated country with valuable skills, jobs are created and we all win.

We believe that your tax dollars are not to be wasted. Canadians expect their tax dollars to be spent not only wisely but efficiently. We will treat your tax dollars as you would treat your own money… because let’s face it… “It is your money”.

We stand for a stronger Canada, which means stronger Canadians which leads to a stronger dollar.

The military deserve a lot better than what they have been given, we will make that happen.
Canada is a unique country and that needs to count for something again