Canadian Values Party

Finally a party you want to vote for that cares about all Canadians

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Who we are

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We are Canadians, with beliefs that are strongly built on Canadian Values.

As long as Canadians keep voting in the rich, elite and powerful into political office, nothing will change in this country. It’s time for a change!!! We don’t use the word change lightly, but with extreme emphasis for a better Canada and a brighter future for our generation and the next.

The last party that ran the Canadian Federal Government was Mr. Harper. Now it’s Mr. Trudeau. Vote for us in the next election and you will not keep hearing about the leader/PM, you will hear from all of us. Any one person who thinks that they know what’s best for every single Canadian is delusional. We are building a team of people with a vast variety of backgrounds and with that combined talent, the next elected party (us) will work as a team, not an individual who spends way too much time in front of cameras trying to get himself on the next cover of a magazine.

We are people that believe that working for the public actually means “working for the public”, not the rich and wealthy but every single Canadian, no matter what their status is. Mr. Trudeau and his party have gone on-and-on about how they will help the middle class. Have they forgotten about the lower class as well? We are Canadians that believe that as long as you are willing to work hard you can achieve your goals and we will do everything in our power after the next election to ensure every single Canadian, no matter what they status is, will be able to reach for their goals and succeed at achieving them.
We want what's best for every Canadian, not just the power votes.