Our Mandate... No more hypocrites in Ottawa

What is best for Canada will be our #1 priority at all times.

Government needs to stop wasting your tax dollars. We will run Canada's finances like any responsible
Canadian family would run theirs. Tax dollars are not supposed to be tossed about to buy votes, buy the politicians friends, buy large corporations support, etc., your tax dollars are supposed to be used to improve every Canadians life... and that is what we will do.

In 2014, the Senate was big in the news for all its scandals. We have great ideas on how to fix all of this so that the Senate does what it was meant to do (be a second sober thought) and not waste your tax dollars ever again.

Voting for your favourite politician only to have them have little say unless they are the party leader will no longer be a problem when we are elected.

You will have as much say on how things need to be as any large lobby group, when we are elected.

We believe in civility in the house of commons, not the embarrassing comedy shows that have existed in the past and are still happening today. Even the Liberals who are in power now say that things will change (now that they are in power), but where were their ethics and morals before? The answer is that they will say whatever you want to hear to gain and keep power, as will all of the other political parties.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, not just before but after the election as well. So, click on the link on your left and tell us what you think needs to be done to make this country great again. We Will Listen.

Canadian Values Party

Finally a party you want to vote for that cares about all Canadians

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