Canadian Values Party

Finally a party you want to vote for that cares about all Canadians

How can you help

How you can help

Who we are
What we stand for
What makes us better
How to be heard
Please email your resume to (or use the contact page to attach your resume.) and include at least the following information.

• What Federal district ward area you live in.

• Any political experience (not that it's necessary)

• Any volunteer or community experience

• Hours per week/month you feel that you will be available to canvas your ward to make your local residents aware of us/you or anyway that you are willing to help.

• What your views are of what a responsible Federal party should believe in and value they should follow

• What values, experience & skills you have that will benefit the Party? (We are looking for all types from all walks of life, so don’t hold back, any experience and skill in any area may be of value.)

• Are you looking to be a candidate in the next Federal election, a volunteer or supporter?

Note: A police check may be required if you wish to become a candidate. Sorry but there have been enough criminals in the Government already and enough is enough.
We can't do this alone; we need everyone that can help.