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What makes us better

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The PC party spent too many years ruling with an iron fist and only cleaned up the messes once they became public knowledge and only after cover ups didnít work.

Beyond the quickly broken promises and the hypocritical ways they run everything, the Liberal party is spending your hard earned tax dollars faster than they can get it. Their own policies before they even came to power were to go into deep deficit. Another definition for deficit is to go into debt. When has spending more money than you make to a point where your grandchildren will be paying off your debts every helped? The answer is never.

The NDP just donít get it. They donít get Canadian Values and they donít get what it takes to make this country succeed in this new world. For example: "Tom Mulcair is digging in on his position that women should have a right to wear a veil at citizenship ceremonies." (Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press | September 25, 2015 12:39 PM ET)

We will represent every single Canadian and do whatís best for each and every Canadian. We will not be swayed by large corporations or lobby groups but by smart and fiscally responsible economic policies that will benefit the entire country at every level. Yes, large corporations are very important to this country, they create jobs, oportunities and spin off money but that doesn't give them the right to overly influence the Canadian Government. We will encourage companies to come to Canada, not with a gun to our heads but with opportunities that can't be found anywhere else.
We want what's best for Canadians, not just powerful lobby groups.